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August 2023

The Insuflate vest offers a sustainable alternative to insulation by utilizing air as a fill material, aiming to mitigate environmental impacts in apparel production. Traditional materials like down and synthetic fibers pose environmental concerns such as resource depletion and pollution. Inspired by Lindqvist's garment construction, the vest's design optimizes both aesthetics and functionality, with baffle shapes enhancing mobility and insulation. Through meticulous research and prototyping, the vest's structure minimizes heat loss through convection, achieving optimal performance. Crafted from recycled polyester and employing a heat-activated adhesive, the manufacturing process prioritizes durability and longevity. By eschewing traditional fill materials, the vest reduces its environmental footprint and offers extended usability. This innovative design contributes to sustainable fashion practices, offering insights into the environmental consequences of conventional fill materials. It highlights the potential for air-insulated garments to offer durable, high-performance alternatives while minimizing environmental impact and advancing sustainability in the fashion industry.

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