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Pre Graduate Work

When I decided to pivot careers and apply to the UO to pursue Sports Product Design, I was told I would need a portfolio. Lacking any sort of formal creative projects, I decided to take a sewing class at my local comunity school and over the course of one month, I put together a mini collection: Examining Sustainability through Apparel Design.

First I looked at sustainability through production: garments in this group are based on the concept of zero waste during patterning as well as production. Lacking access to recycled cloth, I opted to use scrap or thrift store materials. I wanted to investigate how clothing becomes labeled as disposable and to provide a second life for these materials.

Secondly, I created garments out of trash that I collected from outdoor spaces around my hometown. I wanted these pieces to serve as visual representations of the waste that we all produce and hopefully encourage people to think twice about what they choose to consume and throw away.

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